A Little About Me!

(Basically) everything you need to know about Denali!

Baby Denali.jpg

Early Life

Denali Rose Bennett came into the world with an instant stage name, which unfortunately bore a striking resemblance to Gypsy Rose Lee (her mother hoped she would not become a stripper).  Denali began her musical career at the tender age of four.  She decided to play the drums and although she didn't know her left from her right, she persevered.  She continued on her path by taking voice and dance lessons, attending a performing arts summer camp, and auditioning for every musical within 100 miles.  At the age of 17, Denali decided to pursue musical theater for a career, to her PhD holding parents' dismay.

College Life

In 2013, Denali began her training at Ithaca College in frigidly cold upstate New York.  Despite the weather, she loved the school and performed in numerous productions, met some of her best friends, and even traveled throughout Europe.  Denali just finished her senior year and received her BFA in Musical Theatre with the class of 2017!  She is now a New York based actor.

Outside of theatre?!

Outside of theatre, Denali loves animals (especially dogs), the color blue, and peanut butter.  She hails from Massachusetts and loves her two dogs, parents, and brother.  Denali is passionate about her vegetarianism and loves being immersed in nature.  She discovered a newfound love of travel whilst abroad in London, and hopes to soon visit her namesake, Denali National Park in Alaska.